Do you know where your website traffic is coming from

One of the most common mistakes we see when looking at the Google Analytics of our customer's websites, is untagged traffic. It's usually very easy to see - if you have a lot of DIRECT traffic in your Google Analytics, then you're probably not tagging your traffic properly.


Direct traffic is shown when GA doesn't know where the traffic came from, or if the person typed the address directly into their browser address bar. Most of this traffic is usually social traffic; if someone clicks a link in the facebook app on their phone, the referrer information that tells GA where the traffic came from is lost, because they move from the app into the website browser. There are other instances where the referrer data can be lost, including links from email and from certain secure sites.

The best way to ensure that your GA is showing you all your traffic, especially from Social, is to add some code to the links you post in Social Media, called UTM tags - they look like this:

The above example will make sure the traffic is logged as social - as GA will recognise facebook as a social media platform. For more on UTM tags, including a tag builder tool visit: